Frequently asked questions about 360healthnetwork

Who is 360healthnetwork?

360healthnetwork is a healthcare financing and customer service company specializing in bridging the healthcare financing needs of patients with the cash flow and revenue cycle management needs of hospitals, health systems and physician groups.

What sets 360healthnetwork apart from the competition?

360healthnetwork’s unique approach to patient care financing allows providers to open up their customer base while improving cash flow and focusing on their core competencies. The professional and well trained staff in the contact center allows for seamless integration into the providers’ business and ease of mind that patient financing needs are handled with respect, dignity and sensitivity.

What type of healthcare organizations does 360healthnetwork provide services to?

360healthnetwork helps all types of healthcare organizations, including large healthcare systems, academic medical centers, hospitals and physician groups.

What type of services does 360healthnetwork offer?

360healthnetwork handles all aspects of self-pay medical financing such as underwriting and qualification, contract preparation and delivery, state and federal regulatory oversight, customer service, technology and systems management, receivables purchasing and revenue cycle management.


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